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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

From Criterion Games comes their newest installment in the Need for Speed series, Hot Pursuit.  I bought this game the week it came out, and I'm still enjoying it to the fullest.  The game features amazing graphics, and stunning real-life action!

• Great Single player mode
• Play as either a racer or the police chasing down racers!
• REALLY fun online modes, where you can race others, run from cops, and shut other racers down!

• The game has no local multiplayer mode. it would be great to play with siblings/friends at your house :( 
• As with all current games, its pricey...

Bottom Line:  This game is a great game to get if you are into racing games.

My Rating:  9/10


  1. No local multiplayer?... ah - thats bad...
    Like the most of the awesome xbox 360 games.
    You have to play them -.-...

  2. What?! Internet is taking over everything these days, hence why my ps2 is still set up ;)
    It's stupid needing to play via the internet, when your friend/sibling is next to you!

  3. im not a real fan of driving games, but its not bad

  4. I made some of my friends get it so we can play together lol

  5. i stole this from target, played the hell out of it, and sold it for $30. I'm a bad person :/

  6. I love the Need For Speed series. New follower.

  7. This one was pretty good, which was a relief. Lately NFS games have been terrible.

  8. there are just too many need for speed games

  9. have been considering getting a racing game maybe this is the one I will be getting.